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Media Files On The Go

I'm thinking maybe some people will want to know how to convert thier video files into MPEG4s so that it will be readable by the PSP. Maybe some people don't! But this is here so that maybe when you do want to put a movie in then it shall be easier for you, thus I will post links to programs (clean ones) that will make the job easier for you .

3GP (Free):
Its in Japanese but when you download it you can change the language to english

PSP Video 9 (Free):
You must have .NET Framework for PSP Video 9 to work. Downloads are available in the PSP Video 9 Forums

RaPiZ PSP Video Converter (Free):
Download it and try it. It's clean but I've never used it.

Now for the Programs that are Shareware... and for those who actually pay for their programs (I wouldn't think anybody on GzP would... but thats just my guess)

iPSP (Shareware):
Really proffesional PSP Media tool. Too bad its shareware. But hey give it a go.

PSP Mobile Media Maker (Shareware):
Again it looks really proffesional, yet its only a free trial.

If you found this to be useful, then thank me please. Its just courteous. Also be glad I didn't post the link to the download and made you have to spend your credits. I wonder if I'll get in trouble for that... hmm... aw well. (Not like leechers leech mp4 conversion tools)


It was really stupid how if you chose to format your PSP from the PSP menu that it did not make the MPEG4 folder. So I'm going to tell you how to do this. First of all, if you use the USB Mode from the PSP, load up the USB Mode and take a look inside the memory card. It should be registered as "Removable Drive" in My Computer unless you already know what I'm talking about. There should be 2 things inside of the drive (your memory card): the "PSP" folder and that one xml document that I don't know what it does but its there, so leave it alone. Now, when you are there, make a new folder called "mp_root". It should be in the same place as the "PSP" folder. So there should now be a "PSP" folder and an "mp_root" folder. Now go inside the "mp_root" folder and make another folder and name it "100mnv01". Good, it is set. Now you can insert your correctly converted or already in correct format movie into that folder. BUT that is not all. The movies must be named correctly for the PSP to read it. If you used one of the programs above that I listed, then there should be options that when you converted it that it should already be renamed. But if not, then the files must be named "M4V#####". Replace the signs with numbers (any will do). Viola, you are done. Those who uses the memory card adapter and reader, just open up the drive and do the same.

PSP Movie Links:

PSP Crazy forums (registration required/recommended ):
PSP Crazy has some complete seasons of Family Guy, South Park, Red Vs. Blue. They've also got episodes of Bleach, Naruto, and Sokyuu no Fafner.
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I knew how to put movies on the PSP, but I need a bigger memory card for it so that I can put more on it.
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neeeeeeeeds more memory!!!!!!!!!

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