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Rf Online!!

heeellooo everybody!! I'm here to explain RF Online so i could play it hehe...okay RF Online stands for Rising Force and it is about three races fighting for the talic mines with the world being at stake. The three race are Accretia empire, Bellato union, and Cora holy alliance. Accretia- they are cyborgs. We all know one thing about cyborgs...THEY ARE LIKE SUPERMAN!! They all have suuper duuper strength and don't deal with magic that much. Bellato- they are i guess the high tech, mechanical, futristic humans who use metal a lot for guns, swords, weapons, etc. They are use both science and magic. They are good at things like..create. repair, and pilot suits of mechanical armor. Cora-they are like future navitve tribes. They use nature a loooot. They despise technology so much they say grr!! just kidding but they probably do. They summon spirit guardians to fight with them in combat. Enough explaing about the game...now why I want to play it! Once upon a time on the internet a little boy was desperatly looking for games to play because he was bored out of his mind. He needed to play so bad he tried playing PS2 but no...he needed internet play and he doesn't have connection for PS2. (By the way I am that boy) So I came across this link that led me to the RF Online homepage(I found the link at MMORPG.com) I saw the beautiful screenshots and videos of the awesome game. the graphics, and gameplay, it was like a dream. I then searched for a client but no only a contest was up. I need to win. I read the plot line and loved it. I read the character descriptions and skills and job trees and said woohoo! and jumped in the air. I knew it was destiny (hehe). I love this game without even playing it and it because of the 3-D with changeable camera views. Because of the 3rd person view. Its because of the freedom to choose your side and because of the gameplay. That is why I really really want to play this game. I don't know how I could live without this game. I can't wait till september 18th to play open beta....I must play now. Thats what I have to say about RF Online
edit october 18th or 25th sorry for wrong info
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Is it free?
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Sounds like an interesting concept, but you seem to be even more long-winded than I am. I'm pretty sure you could have just supplied us a link and said a short sentence or two . (w00t, face)
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