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Personal Information
Real Name: Rusty
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 25 years old
Join Date: October 8th, 2009
Last Update: January 22nd, 2010
About 1stBlackHokage
About Me: I'm not the normal kinda person. i love to work hard and get it done so you can chill and relax. Try to enjoy the people and things around you.
Activities: I love Naruto manga and reading all kinds of stuff online about Naruto i'm very knowledgeable about Naruto and it's characters. Even those who are not in the story line very often. If you have any questions about Naruto you can reach me at my contacts below.
Interests: Naruto manga and episodes. playing games halo 3, Resident Evil 5,call of duty modern warfare 2, naruto game
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Family guy, Weeds seasons 2-4, Man vs. food, Naruto in english on disney xd.
Favorite Movies: Transformers 2, Role models,Naruto movies all of them.
Favorite Music: Most rap(english,japanesse,or spanish) I really like most of the songs they use for the intros for naruto.
Favorite Books: I love naruto mangabooks.
Favorite Quotes: "In the end one shall stand and one shall fall."Optimus prime transformers "I never go back on my word never, that is my nindoo. My ninja way." "your reindeer don't know sh*t about grenades" "as a matter fact reindeer don't know sh*t bout sh*t"

Comments (7)

nice to meet you n thx for the request...

Posted by NumberListFive 4 years ago

thanks for the request ...
nice to meet u...

Posted by totally_uchiha 4 years ago

at least I hav one

Posted by henry17 4 years ago

but you actually joined after me ;-)

Posted by Malious 4 years ago

hey bud hows it goin?

Posted by kornelious2010 4 years ago

thx for the advice

i think it could be Konohamaru or Naruto or Kakashi maybe..

Posted by kickass007 4 years ago

i lol'd at your username.

Posted by Sk8erperson9 3 years ago