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Personal Information
Real Name: Tomislav,Tommy,Tommas
Gender: Male
Country: Croatia
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: September 22nd, 2005
Last Update: June 3rd, 2009
About 212121
About Me: Funny,stupid,active ^^ wot more 2 say ^^ oh i forgot lazy :D
Activities: Girls Music Sports
Interests: Girls ALOT especially Jem Jan-sama :D I luv to listen music naruto of course -.-
Favorite TV Shows: Malcolm in the middle, Naruto,Smallville,Charmed,How i met your mother,Step by Step,Lost,Heroes,
Favorite Movies: Lotr trilogy,Star Wars,Pirates of the Carribean trilogy,The Godfather trilogy,Scarface,Yes man,Ace Ventura,Liar Liar,Few Good Men,Bruce Almighty,Back to the future.....and so on so on ^^
Favorite Music: Godsmack,Nickleback,Linkin Park,Fort Minor,Disturbed,Three Days Grace,Seether,Hladno Pivo,Sum 41,Simple Plan,Ludacris,Snoop Dogg,Grits,50 cent,Akon,Jay-Z,Eminem,Ajs Nigrutin,Don Omar,Carlos Santana.....and lots and lots more ^^
Favorite Books: Lotr.....didnt read much book 1 only :D
Favorite Quotes: I got a bad feeling bout this.... My preciousss :D Capisci SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! :D Great Scott! You cant handle the truth!

Comments (10)

ha-ha ur welcome !xD

Posted by Jemma 5 years ago

You have very good choices in music

Posted by XxBlackChaosxX 5 years ago

Hey, Love your music picks, some of them bands are awesome!

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

yeah, metal in all is awesome.

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

thanks =)

Posted by novadash 5 years ago

Hey Tom, What ya been up to lately?

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

yeah i'm aright, felt like smashing someone yesterday

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

a-loo, how r u?

Posted by pinkBallet 5 years ago

i'm fine. but y u so bummed-out about school...suppose to be fun bcuz u get to meet live girls

Posted by pinkBallet 5 years ago

dont worry godofhuman wont bother u ever again he gave me his profile so its mine now... Princedarkshadow

Posted by godofhuman 4 years ago