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Pureen-Haven's Manga

My Dear Princess

Eleven-year-old Zeal is a fun loving orphan boy with an evil demon entity lurking within him, while twelve-year-old Isabella is the princess ofrna distant realm’s kingdom called “Spade”.rnrnThe time for Isabella to find a husband is upon her, yet she detests men with a passion. She decides to travel to earth in hopes of finding a guy worthy enough to marry her.rnrnZeal finds her one day, and the two become friends. Isabella finds herself falling for the boy. However, the dark spirit within Zeal reveals itself,rnand causes a great deal of chaos and confusion between the two youths.

Chap Title Pub Date # Views # Comments Rating View
0 We Shall Be Friends (9 pages) Aug 10, 2011 60 0 0 View
1 Lonely Girl, Loney Boy. (11 pages) Aug 10, 2011 75 0 0 View