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adelmo's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: locksleysiadto
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 19 years old
Join Date: August 20th, 2010
Last Update: August 27th, 2010
About adelmo
Activities: playing nintendo ds games in my ds like avatar naruto ninja destiny and more
Interests: video games. drawing
Favorite TV Shows: naruto one peace vampire night and more
Favorite Movies: the last air bender naruto and more
Favorite Music: lingking park
Favorite Books: <br />

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Welcome .. Im new to

Posted by Heritek 4 years ago

hello and thanx for the add ^-^

Posted by Lumina-16 4 years ago

hey welcome

Posted by AKIEL 4 years ago

Yoo ...welcom to NC...thanx for the add ...have a good time...

Posted by Zoppine 4 years ago

hey welcome to nc^-^ and thanx for the ad

Posted by sakurachan9tf 4 years ago

Ur welcome dude ^.^

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

Thanks for the add

Posted by Eternal_Mangekyo 4 years ago


Posted by sakurachan9tf 4 years ago

hi...im new here

Posted by Darrenx 4 years ago