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akangwowo's Polls

Question Responses
DID you CRY when you read manga chapter 504? 71
TOUR DE KONOHA!! what places you want to fisit first? 15
let's choose ANIMAL SUMMONED for INO! what animal suited to her? 42
when kyuubi attacked konoha, who was the HOKAGE? 37
what do you think of MASASHI KISHIMOTO? 40
itachi had the mark of rikkudo sennin on his neck, was he sennin? 53
would you like to have naruto filmed on holywood? 22
after orochimaru, akatsuki (madara), do you want to see another strong enemy to naruto? 39
why does naruto like RAMEN very much? 29
AKATSUKI playing football, who's the best striker? 36
who's the next kyuubi jinchuriki? 45
let's hear more about HOKAGE stories, which one you choose? 50
would you like to see naruto CLUMSY AS HE DID BEFORE SHIPPUDEN? 28
how will konohamaru be? 42
who's the SMARTEST and the MOST GENIUS 78
will minato and kushina teach naruto jutsu? 30
nruto vs sasuke, what will be the end? 69
taka vs pein (sasuke-karin-jugo-suigetsu versus nagato-conan-six pein) 49
KONOHA CUP! football comptetition for ninja...who's the best striker? 45
why kakashi wears mask? 69
it's opened!!! konoha ninja scholl. do you like to attend it? 25
who's most handsome/charming shinobi? 47
do you thing naruto will face enemy that's stronger than akatsuki? 28
what (summoned) animal you like to become your pet? 42
what eyes do you like most? 78
who's the most stupid shinobi? 121
Support masasi kishimoto to write another manga based on naruto story. Which one first? 92
"DON'T KILL NARUTO!" do you agree? 55
how strong is kabuto recently? 78
what will karin do next? 56
how strong is shikamaru? 40
who's the best sensei to naruto? 30
so, who's danzo anyway? 46
what do like most from itachi? 40
do you miss jirayya? 90
what summoned animal do you like most? 79
how madara get killed? 17
if akatsuki take toefl test, who will get the lowest score? 61
what is the true identity of Masashi Kishimoto? 28
beside jirayya, who's the most pervert ninja? 20
will naruto invent (create) another pervert/sexy jutsu? 122
will naruto ever make rasengan with kyuubi's power? 195
who's the dumbest character? 92
if the konoha legendary sannin faigth, what's the result? 33
kakashi vs kabuto? 54
who's the greatest swordman shinobi? 23
who has the most unique eyes? 33
who the greatets konoha legendary sannin? 54
who's the best taijutsu user in konoha? 35
will suigetsu get the samehada? 12
who's the greatest female ninja in konoha? 121
who has the highest IQ? 157
what do you think "the tale of gutsy ninja" talk about? 76
who kills tobi/uchiha madara? 120
Who's D coolest shinobi? 130
Who's D coolest shinobi? 84
best fight? 64
who will kill tobi? 158
who's the greatest ninja ever in konoha history? 162

Created by akangwowo

optimistic, accepting what God gave