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Akatsukiwashere09's Fan-Fiction

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The secret of Kiramie 304

Written by Akatsukiwashere09

hey who wants to see me put my foot in my mouth...no one okay fine. heyy im alix, yes i have to say it i am a anime freak. I love fridays because well i new naruto shippuden episode comes out and also a new manga chapter. i enjoy playing netball and well watching new episodes of new anime shows i like. I am one of those people who gets board relle eazy for exaple i get board of songs relle eazy i like put 10 new songs on my ipod per week or maybe even more. i have long blonde hair and green eyes. i love talking to all naruto fans and discuss the weekly manga chapters and theorys of what we thibk that can connect with the situation. i also love watching abridged series of animes they are so funny. Well i moved primary schools at the end of year 1 and at the start of year 2 i Was a student at park orchards P.S. I am now currently in year 7 at our lady of Sion college. i enjoy netball and going places with my friends WITH NO PARENTS. I love cracking Michel Jackson Jokes and also yo mama jokes. what about this one ( no offence to enyoe. ) Yo mamma so ugly when she was bor the slaped her perents, or mabe this one yo mamma so old she sat behind Jesus in the 3rd grade. lol i have so many that i got from the internet. Got Milk???