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akhaine's Manga

Fallen Angel

Lenion Maximus is an orphan that lives in Gen Shiro,but he has a very unique power. Lenion has been cursed with the power of the dark angel, a being that that is said to be the bringer of destruction. Although with zeal to become a defender, he is eventually seen for what he really is inside, but he soon find out that the road to his goal is not as smooth as it looks,but With his friends; Paula, Kataro, and Tommy they battle different forms of evil doers. Among them is the evil Shenion Maximus, who wants the power of the dark angel and tries to capture Lenion in order to take over the world.

Chap Title Pub Date # Views # Comments Rating View
8 The orphaned boy (8 pages) Sep 12, 2010 57 0 0 View