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Personal Information
Real Name: lucky bouapha
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: April 21st, 2010
Last Update: April 30th, 2010
About Alltimefox
About Me: I'm asian(Laotian) I live in California and its alright there. I love animes and videogames. Cell Phone is what I always need. I play basketball and I suck haha. Well message me or comment me if you wanna know more(:
Activities: I'm laotian! Laos whatever is fine
Interests: Music, rock music, Meg & Dia, texting, basketball, video games
Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood,
Favorite Movies: Too manyyyyyy!!!! Ugh let's see... Spider-man 1/3, Year One, 17 Again, The Protector, Nick & Norrah Infinite Playlist, Superbad, Kickass, and lots moree of action, comedy and horrors.
Favorite Music: The Red Jumpsuit Appratus, Meg & Dia, All Time Low, Escape the Fate, The All-American Reject, Blink-182, Green Day,lights, Weezer, Lost Prophet, A Skylit Drive, AFI, A Rocket to the Moon, My chemical Romance, Rise Against, Owl City, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Senses Fail, Story of the Year, The Used, Yellowcard. Many more but too lazy or can't remember right now :/
Favorite Books: Mangas and what else?

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hello have a nice day

Posted by matty24818 4 years ago

Welcome to NC, hope you'll have a gud time ;]

Posted by Mazhar_guy 4 years ago


Posted by ohmydiosito 4 years ago

welcome to nc
have fun ^ ^
don't mind below user(ohmydiosito)
he is a super crazy guy ^ ^

Posted by Salezar 4 years ago

Welcome to NC!

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

Hey dude welcome 2 NC (Naruto Central) have fun and joy.

Posted by alex_karatista 4 years ago

NP, im gd. u?

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

Thanks for the add

Posted by nisa10 4 years ago