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Hello beautiful, I'm your average teenage girl, just a bit modified. I'm currently single; I'm bisexual -please do not judge me for that. I always seem to be messing up or doing something wrong. but unlike most, I try to learn from my mistakes. I'm shockingly shy around the wrong people. only my closest friends understand how truly strange I am; and I'm fine with that. Believe what you want about me. I know what I have said. I know what I have done. I know where I have been. and I know where I am going. and that’s just enough for me, so I’m fine with whatever trash you have to talk. I am extremely sarcastic and I love to cut up a bunch, but I don’t play around with disrespect. I advise you not to assign me to one of your stereotypical cliques. I am Ritz and there’s no other word in the English language to describe me so don’t bother trying to find one. . . I have my own opinions and views on life, politics and religion . I love meeting new people. try talking to me sometime, you might just find that I’m not half bad. (: (: (:
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