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Hey, your quiz sucks. The questions aren't at all specific. Like the question, who is the leader of the akatsuki? You put Sasuke, Pain, Madara, or Nagato. Nagato and Pain are the same person so it could've been either of them, and they were just a figurehead used by Madara the true leader. So you could answer that simple question three different ways. Or the question, what does Madara want? You could have said collect all nine tailed beasts or the tsukyomi on the moon.

Posted by jimothy1989 4 years ago

Next time you make a quiz, make sure you know what you are talking about first. Or at least dont put more than one correct answer for each question. Because you can only have one so if someone guesses right every time, they could still lose by your idiotic standard.

Posted by jimothy1989 4 years ago