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Personal Information
Real Name: Len Kagamine
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 15 years old
Join Date: May 23rd, 2009
Last Update: August 12th, 2010
About ankoandtemaribff
About Me: im scene im in 6th grade i fuckin love vocaloid!!!!! ummmm well u will just have to ask me or meet me. theres no way to tell. lol ya i am axel! im bad ass arent i? oh yeah i kno i am. im bi how bout' you?
Activities: i like to be with my bff bailey blankenship who is also on this website. and singing and dancing i know these dances: hare hare yukai, lucky star, danjo, po pi po, love and joy, and im working on honey honey all stars
Interests: this is going to be obvious but im intrested in naruto. i am also interested in becoming a cosplayer. and scene/emo boys ♥♥♥ me! i love me
Favorite TV Shows: ofcouse its NARUTO!!!! and ghosts in the shell. and also death note. lucky star,more im too lazy to tell u
Favorite Movies: i know this movie has nothing to do with naruto or anime but i like school of rok. it has jack black in it. =3 x3. and alot of anime movies lik the cat returns and princess monoke.
Favorite Music: my fav music would have to b vocaloid songs and anime songs. circa survive. who is anthony green! >w< hes so amazing!!!!!!!!!! also i love tatu
Favorite Books: mangas like beauty pop, ouran hight school host club, KINGdom hearts, naruto, bleach, one piece, um more how bout' u just ask meh. ^_~
Favorite Quotes: u laugh at me becuase im different i laugh at you because your the same, not really thoguh, no thats not funny and more i just cant think of them "nah rly?", " RLY?!"

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yeah and you told me by yourself.cant u remember?

Posted by ghazale_sama 3 years ago


Posted by ghazale_sama 3 years ago

whats up

Posted by thaddeus11 3 years ago

your online??@?>?

Posted by Temaricutie 3 years ago

ur pic reminds me of Axel

Posted by saylorj 3 years ago

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