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Personal Information
Real Name: Delani Porter
Gender: Male
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: March 27th, 2009
Last Update: July 22nd, 2009
About arceusgodofall
About Me: i am a bad boy i love meeting new people and i am a guy named dxp or arceus or hugz or phella or potatoes or my name delani or d or dp
Activities: track and field
Interests: women(young maybe old)
Favorite TV Shows: naruto,bleach,zatchbell
Favorite Movies: horror action
Favorite Music: rock,rap,soca and slows Been locking for something Something that was true Benn looking for something That wasn't like you Came up from the ashes Washed up on the shore Crawled out from the seas of life Only to settle the score The liars The cheats And the beggars Stared back in disgust The liars The cheats And the beggars Put out when they must I gave it I wanted I listened I stayed till the end I gave it I wanted I listened It flies again It flies again In time they would listen In time it was seen For all to be winning And no in between
Favorite Books: none--
Favorite Quotes: love is on the way

Comments (2)

and it is afternoon in my country
and i am also called x or dreamy jeff

Posted by arceusgodofall 5 years ago

hahaha your quiz made me laugh for a while

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago