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Personal Information
Real Name: asad qureshi
Gender: Male
Country: Pakistan
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: December 19th, 2008
Last Update: January 31st, 2009
About asad_hulk123
About Me: Im just a Normal guy with lots of fun Nothing special abt me
Activities: Watching, Palying & Reading And a little Bit studying :D
Interests: Reading Nuruto's and Bleach Manga And watch Naruot and mOv!es and playing warcraft dota
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes Supernatural and Prisonbreak are my Favourite TV shows/Series
Favorite Movies: Same comment as for songs
Favorite Music: I like every kind of music that my hearts feels better
Favorite Books: Twilight, Lords of the ring & HarryPotter series

Comments (2)

those are some really great drawings

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

I really appreciate it
I just picked up a pencil and drewed the Poses i liked

Posted by asad_hulk123 5 years ago