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Personal Information
Real Name: Garvin Augustin
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: April 30th, 2006
Last Update: December 5th, 2008
About bigg3690
About Me: I'm a Beast
Activities: I'm an active guy and I like to work out a lot. I also have a job and go to school and my favorite part of the day is waking up on Fridays and reading the latest on Naruto Manga.
Interests: Getting Buff, Never Giving up, ANiME
Favorite TV Shows: WTF!!!! Naruto, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Bleach Oh yeah and supernatural, smallville, and other than that I dont really watch t.v.
Favorite Movies: The Pursuit of Happiness, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, I could go all day...
Favorite Music: HIP HOP, R&B, Pop, Techno, rock, Juggalo MUSIC, pretty much anything except some country.
Favorite Books: ?
Favorite Quotes: "Believe It!" "Be All I Can Be..."

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hey whats up dude? =) wow you,v been here gor 3 years and no cpmments wow.... well let me be the first in 3 years to say welcome to NC =)

Posted by kazuza 5 years ago