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Real Name: Chris Citizen aka Spade
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: March 24th, 2009
Last Update: April 20th, 2009
About BigSpade357
About Me: Yo!! Im 18 years old I go to Carl Wunsche High school for Computer Maintenance Im a senior i graduate in June ( Ha Ha almost done with high school). Plan to work at a IT Department somewhere and get into Texas Tech(Go Red Raiders!!!). I like hanging out with my friends, taking peoples money in cardgames and pool(Im a shark at a young age), sit at a computer all day. lerning how to play my les paul. I Street Race in my Lancer against my friends. I play video games all the time. I work on my car trying to build my dream ride. anything else you want to leave a comment or Email me.
Activities: Bowling, Playing Basketball,Fixing computers, drawing, reading manga, Playing Texas Hold em, Working on my car, Sleeping, watching TV
Interests: Girls, Money, Cars, Poker, Naruto, Street Racing,My Lancer and other things
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto Japanese version, King of the hill, familyguy, boondocks, Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing, Black Cat, xXxHolic,School Rumble,Azumanga Daioh, Gun Grave, Trigun, Samurai 7
Favorite Movies: Fast and Furious tokyo drift, any Naruto movie, Pulp Fiction, Final Fantasy 7, Street Kings, Full Metal Jacket, Ironman, Sin City, The Spirit, Rose Red and other movies
Favorite Music: T.I., Slim Thug, Trae, Lil wayne, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, 3 Days Grace System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Gorillaz, Metallica, Linkin Park, Guns and Roses, RedHot Chilli peppers, Nirvana, Korn, Trapt, Seether pretty much Metal, Rap and Rock
Favorite Books: Any Tom Clancy books, Manga, Fallin Angels, Dracula, Picture of Dorian Gray, all steven king books, all R.L Stine books
Favorite Quotes: Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell!!! I dont know who did it but it wasnt me R.I.P Itachi Go Red Raiders!!! Luke I am your Father Do not Underestimate the powers of the Dark side I just save a bunch of money my on my car insurance by switching to Geico Well its time to hit the old dusty trail A Good Friend are a dime a dozen I wish i had an Evo

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naruto shippuden dub is out!!!!!!
http://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/naruto-shi ppuden

Posted by shotta187 5 years ago

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