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Personal Information
Real Name: Shanna
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 29 years old
Join Date: October 22nd, 2009
Last Update: November 30th, 2009
About blaqreign
Activities: IMVU, x box 360 (Left 4 dead 2) san andreas, midnight club, god of war (all of em), guild wars, random games online, sims 2
Interests: Being me!
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Avatar, boondocks, tool academy, americas next top model, sponge bob, Full metal alchemistm samurai champloo, bleach, trinity blood, afro samurai
Favorite Movies: all the Saw movies, zombie land, all the underworld movies, all the x men movies, van helsing
Favorite Music: R&B, hip hop, some rock
Favorite Books: none
Favorite Quotes: "Your ugly! Yellow is ugly!"

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Posted by babii_karei 4 years ago

welz come to nc!!!

Posted by toshiro92 4 years ago

Hi there. Welcome to Naruto Central. I hope you enjoy all that this site has to offer, I know I have. I love watching Naruto.

Posted by LOVER_OF_SAKURA 4 years ago

you play gears of war 2?

Posted by Sinzoe 4 years ago

have fun here and enjoy...

Posted by jutsukun 4 years ago

Good choice.... Champ.... WC to NC

Posted by varsamson 4 years ago

sorry sis

Good choice.... .... WC to NC

Posted by varsamson 4 years ago


Posted by mindtransfer 4 years ago

welcome to C.N....

Posted by Care_Taker 4 years ago

have to seen the latest SAW film. sick....
neway sup!! laterz

Posted by mangekyoeternal 4 years ago

---amazeing how there are fine young females that like naruto.

Posted by dee200 4 years ago

Welcome To NC

Posted by YunoU1Sw 4 years ago

whats up how you

Posted by nates2nuts 4 years ago

welcome to NC

Posted by walaido 4 years ago

welcome to NC =D

Posted by kazuza 4 years ago

hey welcome

Posted by omar86100 4 years ago

welcum to nc

Posted by darealist12 4 years ago


Posted by dy_emina 4 years ago

hey! just hiitting your page up showing you sum love, wud love to chat sumtime...happy halloween!!

Posted by exco 4 years ago

Damn you mean I don't like you no more

Posted by nates2nuts 4 years ago


Posted by ComplexPhysics 4 years ago

Hey there.

Posted by Rainbow_Dragon 4 years ago

hi there

Posted by omar86100 4 years ago

It do what you want it to do but you be playing with it

Posted by nates2nuts 4 years ago

Try ninja saga on facebook

Posted by nates2nuts 4 years ago

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