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Viewed gorge158's Fan Art "hinata cosplay"

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Comments (75)

that's wondering idea, cools!

Posted by pein2203 5 years ago

melts** gorgeous

Posted by genkidiot 5 years ago

take my poll^^

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

Hey sweety. ;P

Posted by narutofan1819 5 years ago

Nice work

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago


Posted by alphalinear 5 years ago

nice pic there.. she has nice eyes :)

Posted by Slizza_Hatake 5 years ago

cool!!! pic!!! looks sooo realistic!!!! the real one would be proud!! ^^

Posted by gaaras_bride 5 years ago

nice pic very cool

Posted by DuNeSeEkeR6498 5 years ago

Beautiful cosplay. She really does look like Konan.

Posted by Jojeta 5 years ago

like ur fan art really look like konan!

Posted by rin34 5 years ago


Posted by rin34 5 years ago

4 accepting my friend offer!

Posted by rin34 5 years ago

Hey nice konan pic! Guess what i have relatives that live in canada ! Random much?

Posted by flynntheextremist 5 years ago

ur cosply is awesome...it looks just like her

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

Hallo girl nice cosplay, you make that cloth by your self?

Posted by rangga210288 5 years ago

for the first glance..i'm suprised,i saw KONAN in the flesh..you even stare like KONAN..impressive.

Posted by ndcore 5 years ago

wow great job, you look amazing.

Posted by Wexler 5 years ago

whicked konan art!
it rocks!

Posted by kathyjr07 5 years ago

Kawaii <(^-^<)

Posted by Bengan 5 years ago

who's behind that konan cosplay???

Posted by nucreativa 5 years ago


Posted by Silverblaknite 5 years ago

very nice!!!

Posted by warded 5 years ago

who is the girl behind that pic ?=D


Posted by Mortius 5 years ago

I'm not the girl on the Konan pic, just found it on the net, That's why I can't answer your questions ..

Posted by Blossom109 5 years ago

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