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Personal Information
Real Name: Ivy
Gender: Female
Country: Mexico
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: January 31st, 2010
Last Update: June 19th, 2010
About boneca
About Me: I´m a cat lover n.n I like chocolate, ice cream but I don´t like candies x.x I´m MADLY in love with the uchihahebi boy
Activities: Capoeiraaaa ^-^
Interests: Capoeira, Brazil, Music!!
Favorite TV Shows: Mythbusters and CSI
Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas!! and Pulp Fiction ^-^
Favorite Music: Metal and synth pop!!
Favorite Books: Esperando a Godot n.n it´s drama, but..it´s still a book! XD

Comments (628)

Greetings ^-^

Posted by Lofasz 4 years ago


Posted by caheckm8jm 4 years ago

hey no problem, so howzit going?

Posted by gionson 4 years ago

so how r u?
i'm here illegally XD

Posted by tilapia 4 years ago

yeah me too!! i wish it was next Wednesday already lol

Posted by blacksplitheart 4 years ago

Nomas no pude dormir por alguna razon y trabaje asta las 2 AM y andaba en un night club. Parecia un zombie medio dormido. XD
Asta orita tengo una semana major y espero que la tulla este bien. =D

Posted by sooterman 4 years ago

your pic is amazing! i love the dress.

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

haha *high 5* hhahaha

what do u like to do high/drunk wise

Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

mmnnn, not much,
how bout you?

Posted by caheckm8jm 4 years ago

np ^ ^
How are u doing?

Posted by Salezar 4 years ago

da hell is capoeira???? haaha

Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

sssssssssssshhhhhhhh XDXDXD
i'm no such thing. i am just a bit on the wrong side of the law ^_^ everything's a bit boring here..... to much things to study :3 so i'm basically in total mierda but i'm fine
it's been a while since u and van weren't on msn we missin u guys!!!!! <3

Posted by tilapia 4 years ago

yeah it is the only body i got but meh you only live one lol

Posted by nubzylol 4 years ago

I am studing to be IT computer programmer.

Posted by MCRvampire08 4 years ago

hey sup!!! check out my Quiz and c if it is easy or not and then PM about it.

Posted by Jamrockg 4 years ago

it's da Hidden Leaf Quiz

Posted by Jamrockg 4 years ago

nothing much. just chillin. hanging with friends how r u

Posted by yamatorules 4 years ago

hhaha wow i still dont know wat that is ahahha

ey im healthy 2 cuz alot of marry jane is good thats why they use it as medicinal marijuana

Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

bored and some what sleepy my leg is healing yay : D

Posted by SasukePorter 4 years ago

Yo, Whats up? How are you? ;D ;P :]

Posted by Gaara_70 4 years ago

how you doing lobngest time you just 4got about romzy-kun

Posted by romzy 4 years ago

La cosa es que ya no me entretienen. Lol? Estoy tan acostubrado a estar en uno que la musica masbien me duerme. Es extraÑo pero eso pasa cuando cada semana estas ay sin descanso! XD espero que tu semana este llendo bien! =D

Posted by sooterman 4 years ago

hi my Friend ^_^

Posted by alin30 4 years ago

yea ill give you that. im more of a Call of duty/halo and world of warcraft fan ha =p

Posted by irynmllr 4 years ago

what system do you have ps3 or 360?

Posted by blacksplitheart 4 years ago