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Personal Information
Real Name: Ivy
Gender: Female
Country: Mexico
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: January 31st, 2010
Last Update: June 19th, 2010
About boneca
About Me: I´m a cat lover n.n I like chocolate, ice cream but I don´t like candies x.x I´m MADLY in love with the uchihahebi boy
Activities: Capoeiraaaa ^-^
Interests: Capoeira, Brazil, Music!!
Favorite TV Shows: Mythbusters and CSI
Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas!! and Pulp Fiction ^-^
Favorite Music: Metal and synth pop!!
Favorite Books: Esperando a Godot n.n it´s drama, but..it´s still a book! XD

Comments (628)

WoW, it's interesting. Do you have somebody over there?
Anyway, have a safe journey... :|

Posted by Gaara_70 4 years ago

oh ok thats not good :0
and yea no problem beautiful (;
my pleasure

Posted by Davidxes 4 years ago

thanks! i had a great weekend... i hope your doing well. xD

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

i'm fine i've been working recently

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

u welcome ,have fun

Posted by Eg_Virus 4 years ago

felicidades y claro ke puedes la altura no tiene ke ver tienes una cara buenisima para modelaje... jajaja a mi me obligan aveces para trajes de ba~o y ropa deportiva... no me kejo me pagan bien :D

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

perooo no se jaja pues tomas fotos muy lindas, jajajaj ke moneria tu y van pense que andaban mas tiempo juntos siendo honesta jeje

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

your welcome how are you

Posted by aki14bobo 4 years ago

is that you on the photo?

Posted by Konoha_Hokage 4 years ago

what is your full name? so i can find you in facebook if you want that is.

Posted by Konoha_Hokage 4 years ago

Haha, don't worry about it. :3
I'm glad you replied~!
Ooooh, nice!! Congrats!

I'm doing well ,thanks! ^_^
And you? Enjoying freedom? hehe

Posted by Lofasz 4 years ago

ay q suerte tienes q ya terminaste la prepa, a mi todavia me quedan 2 an~os
sprry q me haya demorado tanto en escribirte es q he estado enferma y haciendo proyectos para la escuela, q haras en el verano?

Posted by disabel 4 years ago

have a nice week, everyone!! (:

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

what do u mean

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

Are you going alone or whit someone? :|

Posted by Gaara_70 4 years ago

thank you haha =) hell yea

Posted by Naiiri 4 years ago

thanks lol XD

Posted by oO_elliott_Oo 4 years ago

De fiesta yo? O.o ok me descrubiste! XDDD Ay que disfrutar la vida! XD con moderacion porsupuesto. =D

Posted by sooterman 4 years ago

hey sexy hows it going

Posted by redbonesix 4 years ago

awwwwww thanks ^_^.

and thats cool i know how that feels. the day highschool ended for me it was the best day ever .

Posted by MCRvampire08 4 years ago

hai hai :3

Posted by Cyclone-Zangetsu 4 years ago

thanks so much darling! hope you have a great week too. <3

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

:( the link is not opening ,What is your second name?

Posted by Konoha_Hokage 4 years ago

never mind i found you

Posted by Konoha_Hokage 4 years ago


Posted by marife7 4 years ago