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Personal Information
Real Name: sage rahm
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: November 18th, 2008
Last Update: December 18th, 2008
About boogerbaloozoo
About Me: i just told you with everything above!
Activities: what the f#@% is that suppose to mean?
Interests: drawing, gaming, reading manga, watching anime, listening to music, spending time on the computer
Favorite TV Shows: naruto, bleach, death note, fooly cooly(flcl), and family guy
Favorite Movies: too many to put down
Favorite Music: Mr. Bungle, Phsycostick, Faith No More, the presidents of the united states of america, Liam Lynch, Flobots, avenged sevenfold, disturbed, slipknot, metalica, pantera, atreyu, primus, and more
Favorite Books: naruto, bleach, death note, flcl
Favorite Quotes: shhh... dont tell anyone bye bye :D

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yeah! first person to post a comment to myself!

beat that bitches!

Posted by boogerbaloozoo 5 years ago