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Personal Information
Real Name: Devon Johnson
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: November 21st, 2008
Last Update: January 14th, 2010
About Byakuya-Kuchiki
About Me: I think abstractly and can often be hard to read by people who don't share my thought process or are too ignorant to understand. I have a low tolerance for the weak; specifically, those who choose to remain weak. I waste no time helping them for they will surely fall back down after I lift them up. For things like this, people often see me as a cold, "emotionless" person. Its not that I don't have a heart. Its simply that I have a policy about wasting my time on trifling matters.. When it comes to people you would like to involve yourself with, I find it rash to do everything in your power to interest them in you. Giving people more affection than normal will not only fail to attract them, it will in fact turn them away.. In the worst case scenario, hate you. People value things more when they've earned it themselves. I despise posers. By posers, I mean those who find a life for themselves by means of copying another. I also hate seeing the people of today who are in new relationships every other week that claim to be in love. These naive people make "love" a word that slowly loses it's meaning. It becomes common, and that much less of an impacting word. It makes it harder for those of us who actually do love others, to make them believe such and creates regret for the ones who walk away from these fast-paced relationships as victims. I think all people are not born equal. Some people have natural gifts and abilities that cannot be mimicked or duplicated by someone without those natural talents. Finally, I think it's important to have something original that matters to you above all else in this world whether it be a dream, moral, religion, memory, purpose ..or person. Justice and pride are of great importance to me. My current opinion: Justice is the advantage of the stronger. Weak people often behave in accordance with justice. Regardless, they are disadvantaged, for the strong- who often behave unjustly- are advantaged. My goal is to be strong and just.. and to hold this noble standing with pride. Pride is motivation.. and motivation is the key to action.

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ur pic is pretty cool :)

Posted by akisoru 5 years ago

you are the most.............................................. .................................................. ...................................stupid people i have hear you no???????????????????

Posted by syakir2oo8 5 years ago

your avtar is super cool

Posted by MATADOR90 5 years ago