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Personal Information
Real Name: Roy Hayrosa
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 36 years old
Join Date: September 4th, 2006
Last Update: October 12th, 2009
About casanovva
Activities: Guitar, Soccer and reading Naruto :)
Interests: Information Tech, Photography, travel, food
Favorite TV Shows: House, Fringe, Lie to Me, NCIS, samurai x, Naruto
Favorite Movies: Naruto, Cutting Edge
Favorite Music: Queen, Enya and Enigma, Classic Rock, Yanni, Filipino Folk Rock (ASIN)
Favorite Books: Garwood's
Favorite Quotes: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

Comments (9)

hey, first time i've seen you here, from your profile , it looks like your an oldie here...

well, if you really want to check out good chapter reviews of Naruto, check out this link:


they come out every week, and i promise you its not spam but a cool site of a friend.


Posted by miaka_kashumi 5 years ago

been here for awhile indeed..thanks for the link..certainly visit that site. see you there

Posted by casanovva 5 years ago

srry i didnt reply to your last post i had some work too do yesssssssssss he will kill danzo but not now hes freaking surrounded.

Posted by sasunoo 5 years ago

Thanks casanovva.

Posted by Modesto915 5 years ago

hey casanova!

Posted by Modesto915 5 years ago

hello, thanks for checking up on me, im doing good thanks...

Posted by miaka_kashumi 5 years ago

hey dude! how you've been?updated my profile, tell me your thoughts.

Posted by Modesto915 5 years ago

http://www.inaruto.net/spoilers/naruto-467-spoiler s/ check it out

Posted by Care_Taker 5 years ago

i really want kimi.....

but he's out of the line...
even ferrari pick him out next season!
what a merciless team!
i don't want him to join WRC...!!!
just stay in F1!

vote for hamilton maybe....

Posted by totally_uchiha 5 years ago