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Personal Information
Real Name: Antares Gomez
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 32 years old
Join Date: November 19th, 2008
Last Update: March 19th, 2009
About chiyobaasama
Activities: Reading, writing. hehehe. Drinking. Talking my head off. Watching people, playing games. Changing the world.
Favorite Quotes: "We are never who we are."

Comments (18)

Hey what's up?

Posted by XSlipknotXFanX124 5 years ago

heya! thx for the add buddy!

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

How's it going?

Posted by painintheass 5 years ago

thax for the add ,,,

Posted by ghilman22 5 years ago

I love your quote.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

Well now I understand the quote way much better. LOL. You have a great day.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

thanx for the welcome ! take care =)

Posted by LynxKano 5 years ago

what`s up?

Posted by sk8punk_maldito3ez 5 years ago

no prob always cool to meet new friends =)

Posted by shadow069 5 years ago

whats up

Posted by cadet_pinckney 5 years ago

ellow tnx 4 d add....(-_-)

Posted by shadow_jaeger 5 years ago

Well you seem more like 14 that 24 lol! XD

Posted by Davey_Davey 4 years ago

thanks 4 da add...tke k n hve a nce day....

Posted by echi_chaosiex 4 years ago


Posted by Davey_Davey 4 years ago

Happy New Year!!

Posted by geolanz 4 years ago

yo! whats up!! thankx for the add! enjoy NC!

Posted by gazz_93 4 years ago

yo buddy thnx for adding me

Posted by kashmiriakash 4 years ago

you thanks for accepting thankzz

Posted by adelmo 4 years ago