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Personal Information
Real Name: Morz Ryuuzaki Chollyne
Gender: Male
Country: Indonesia
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: February 3rd, 2008
Last Update: November 20th, 2008
About chollyne
About Me: I'm not exactly know about myself, b'coz i'm not having a lot of self-confidence.. maybe all my friends can tell the...
Activities: High Student
Interests: Programming, Browsing, Music, Etc..
Favorite TV Shows: Premiereship League
Favorite Movies: Action, Comedy, Cartoon, etc...
Favorite Music: Rock, Pop, etc..
Favorite Books: All Books about Computers, Viruses, Softwares, etc...
Favorite Quotes: -

Comments (5)

wow, your picture looks nice you removed your skin, your definision of uniqness ...excelent lol

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

Beautiful art...just beautiful

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

helloz ^^

Amazing arts u have :D

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

I love your art!

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

Lmao! That Sasori/Deidara comic is priceless, Itachi's face when he took the arms made me laugh for some reason.

Posted by Dark_Ravenxx 5 years ago