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Personal Information
Real Name: I'm the biggest emo of them all
Gender: Male
Country: Portugal
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: August 4th, 2010
Last Update: August 4th, 2010
About costaaa
About Me: well i hate emo's, im a model and if you are cute enough you can be my friend but you cant support either emos or goth
Activities: bullying emo's, pranks on emo's, killing emo's, annoying emo's.
Interests: stuff far from emo's and goths
Favorite TV Shows: the one where the emo dies at the end
Favorite Movies: Fall of the Emo
Favorite Music: Current personel: -emochasingchannel - costaaa - DedoDope - Emokiler
Favorite Books: Emo Burn
Favorite Quotes: "if you can't handle them... cut your wrists" "If they are 10 its bad.. if they are 10 emo's just sit and watch them suicide"

Comments (7)

im not pakis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Arman-gh 4 years ago

no im not ill kill myself if iwas paki ewwwwwwwwwwww
im persian got it not those dirty ass muslims

Posted by Arman-gh 4 years ago

Dude are u ugly or somthing?
Dude u suck ur own cock or something
Fucking Rassist
U a son of a bitch u know?

Posted by yahiko96 4 years ago

Banned again, this time we'll ban your IP too.

Good luck connecting from your local library.

Posted by fandom 4 years ago

LOL Thanks

Posted by Juicyappless 4 years ago

I'm just glad he didn't upload a picture.

This is seriously one hideously ugly guy...


Posted by fandom 4 years ago

Do work fandom!

Posted by andythefisher 4 years ago