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Cyclone-Zangetsu's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: Raymond Riviera
Gender: Male
Country: Japan
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: February 22nd, 2009
Last Update: March 24th, 2009
About Cyclone-Zangetsu
About Me: im about to die, i have HIV and im jealouse of all other people my age for living past sixteen. everything of mine ill be giving to my fam...but all my love, i give to you ritz.
Activities: Trying to make every day count before death approaches. And Practicing B.Boy Dance Moves!!!
Interests: people who are optimistic about the views i life. and i don't agree with pessimistic people.
Favorite TV Shows: Bleach and Naruto Till death do us part.
Favorite Movies: R.E.N.T
Favorite Music: ALLL MUSIC! except maybe jazz. to boring and i cant dance to it!
Favorite Books: Sexual Positions booklet for on the go. S.E.X:Fetishes Eragon Series Twighlight! and lotsa manga X3!
Favorite Quotes: Its all about the C-U-N-T! fuck my pink knife!

Comments (418)

I he really gone?

Posted by XdropXdeadX 5 years ago

If you are dead...
It was nice getting to know you even though it was pretty short, best wishes to ya and a lot of people will miss you.

Posted by punkgirl913 5 years ago


Posted by omar86100 5 years ago

"Favorite TV Shows: Bleach and Naruto Till death do us part. " well if you are really dead :| ...rest in peace man... and to bad you could see naruto and bleach to the end :P

Posted by Immortalmc1 5 years ago

hey i like twilight 2!!! =P

Posted by XxVSGurlxX 5 years ago

your online? O_o

Posted by Sk8erperson9 5 years ago

Ur dead but your online...?

Posted by Pein_Rock123 5 years ago

Ok, either he's not dead or somebody got his password.
=/ lols

Posted by punkgirl913 5 years ago

If your dead then. Well I didn't know you well but farewell my dead friend lol :]. But seriously if your dead how are you online? (but It might be then fact that you don't have to log out of here and can stay looged in forever. I do that so I don't have to log in. THink about that pplz :])

Posted by Gaaraluffer 5 years ago

You will remain in my heart forever and always. Not only were you a great friend ,you were one of the few most people I actually loved and cared about. You were the only person on this earth I truly loved to death. All the memories we had, will never fade away. And now that you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you. You will not be forgotten. Ray, I love and miss you terribly<3

Posted by animefreakk666 5 years ago

well rip buddy i dint get to kno you very well but you were great to talk to. =(

Posted by dgvod2007 5 years ago

I shed a small tear..
Hope your alright where ever you are.
I'm so sorry...
I'll think of you tonight and
hopefully itll help =(
R.I.P </3

Posted by anbukyoku 5 years ago

How are you?

Posted by iPhoenix 5 years ago

death faker omg!!! thats rly emo like

Posted by costaaa 5 years ago

hey even though i dnt kno u tht well u helped me out by tlkin n listenin to me
n i juss want to say thnks
n even if ur not dead i still say thnks
i hope your alright

Posted by xAnastasiaTashax 5 years ago

wait your dead! nuu dont die on me! thats weird

Posted by KiraXIchiyomeXkiller 5 years ago

Hey hows it going? Just wanted to check up with ya!

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

dont make fun of my upside
down pic! lol

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

lol dragon ball budokai 3 r the coolest.well dude im crying cuz i realy miss u lol.n0w im back

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

i hope that your in a better place now even though we have only talked a few times. i had fun talking to you. R.I.P. :] ----> a smile for a friend.

Posted by fabsterpunk 5 years ago

so ur a member of vf huh...i am thinkin about becomin a member

Posted by KibaInoLuva1228 5 years ago

Hey how ya been?

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

omg emo

Posted by NeriusLT 5 years ago

add me plz need friends

Posted by garra359 5 years ago

add me

Posted by gaara359 5 years ago