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Cyclone-Zangetsu's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: Raymond Riviera
Gender: Male
Country: Japan
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: February 22nd, 2009
Last Update: March 24th, 2009
About Cyclone-Zangetsu
About Me: im about to die, i have HIV and im jealouse of all other people my age for living past sixteen. everything of mine ill be giving to my fam...but all my love, i give to you ritz.
Activities: Trying to make every day count before death approaches. And Practicing B.Boy Dance Moves!!!
Interests: people who are optimistic about the views i life. and i don't agree with pessimistic people.
Favorite TV Shows: Bleach and Naruto Till death do us part.
Favorite Movies: R.E.N.T
Favorite Music: ALLL MUSIC! except maybe jazz. to boring and i cant dance to it!
Favorite Books: Sexual Positions booklet for on the go. S.E.X:Fetishes Eragon Series Twighlight! and lotsa manga X3!
Favorite Quotes: Its all about the C-U-N-T! fuck my pink knife!

Comments (418)

sick vizard drawing

Posted by madara09 5 years ago

hi wut up

Posted by XxXEstrellaxxBrixX 5 years ago


Posted by cuterthanuthink 5 years ago

hey how are ya kid?

Posted by GamakichiBlue 5 years ago


Posted by anbukyoku 4 years ago


Posted by Cyclone-Zangetsu 4 years ago

whats Up?♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

oh yeah, so whats your favorite types of songs?

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

dude i'm courious if you habe HIV, how do you still have hair ?

Posted by Immortalmc1 4 years ago

omg you have hiv? thats soo sad are you like ok? if you do i kind of understand i've had brain cancer eversince i was 3 so i kind of know how you feel

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

hey long time no talk... so how is everything?
school, music... etc.

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

what the F? Wakawakawka?

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

oh thats interesting and there is not much going on with me same old thing. I ran for like 4 miles last night so my legs are killing me!

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

yeah well if i took breaks then that would be great- but no my dad is all like " your in training- no slacking!" so yeah he's so uptight

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

yo dude long time no talk, whats been happening?

Posted by george226 4 years ago

DUDE ITS BEEN AGES! and yes i do have a coon pic xD ASUMA FOR THE WIN!!!! haha how you been?

Posted by george226 4 years ago

lol so when are you coming to california? talk to me on FB please-u

Posted by RallyHazItHere 4 years ago

where can i download naruto shipundent anime?
i want make a collection from episode 110 until 204....
pls help me.....

Posted by auramoontell 3 years ago