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Personal Information
Real Name: Shantrai C. Young
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: September 19th, 2010
Last Update: September 19th, 2010
About Darchan
About Me: Eh, all of the stuff is really all about me, but, here's my personality and other stuff I guess... Personality: Fun, caring, loving, always ready to go somewhere, helpful, always willing to help out. Likes: Ice cream! Yum! I dunno, you'll figure it out... I lurve using z's I use em like CRAZY LOL. Whatevah, just talk to me when you want to know more...
Activities: My activities would probably be watching Naruto,lol, drawing wolves,dogs,just animals,I CANNOT draw humans, there are better artists then me, I'm sure! I love to run, tackle, have fun, and other things that I cannot think of, you'll just have to figure it out Lol.
Interests: Some of my intrests are Sasuke, no offense to everyone that likes Sasuke but, HE'S MINE! Lol,so, I also have a intrest in Naruto the show, Alpha & Omega, and many others.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto DUH! I also like others that I cannot think of, I'm sorry, but there, I LOVE NARUTO!
Favorite Movies: I absolutly LOVE Alpha and Omega! I also really LOVE the movie Naruto, I have a lot more favs that this would be like a chapter book, so I decided not to write them all Lol.
Favorite Music: Ok, my utmost FAVORITE band would be Three Days Grace, WHA HOOOOO! I also like Linkin Park, Tool, and others, A LOT more!
Favorite Books: I like Fablehaven a lot and also the Naruto books and Comics...I dunno what else to say Lol. Oh, WAIT! I LOVE the book Wolves of the Beyond: Lone Wolf!
Favorite Quotes: Eh, I dunno. Maybe: ! ?! That's what I really like Lol

Comments (6)

Hellooo new source sittte! Luffers chu! (chu you)
If any of you want to talk, just go ahead and I'll praticly accept any friend requests XD You can also PM meh, so, this is thee end of message XD

Posted by Darchan 4 years ago

Anyone thar? DX

Posted by Darchan 4 years ago

sup sup.
I'mm doing great.
How about yourself?

Posted by ayojohnny 4 years ago

yeahh naruto is pretty cool.

Posted by ayojohnny 4 years ago

Fine how bout yourself?

Posted by shadowkat 4 years ago

i wuld luv to be ur friend

Posted by WorldRumor 4 years ago