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Personal Information
Real Name: Temo Yasa
Gender: Female
Country: France
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: March 17th, 2009
Last Update: March 17th, 2009
About Dark_Nel
About Me: I'm a really preppy and somewhat dark Emo. I support goths and emo's all the waaay! BUT do remember I HAVE FEELINGS! why do you think i cut? because i enjoy the pain? NO! the pain on the inside is too PAINFUL! ON the outside it doesn't hurt much and I feel relaxed. I wear black to show a signal of MY EXILE from normal life. I like dark. Its so bland and sad, it shows that I will not cry and that my spirit is broken beyond repair. I wear nail polish and eyeliner to rock my black look. ya know keep it proportioned. i'mma tired of this world being so predjidiced. I wnt everyone to get along despite our differences. it shows individuality and boldness. and like I said before it signifys how we really feel. please hear my words out. think about what I have said.
Activities: chattin on the phone, hangin with my girls, reading manga, riding my skateboard, chillin at the beach, drinking ha ha, studying and so on.
Interests: ha ha. I'm EMO just to let yall know. you all can hate if you want cuz I don't give a shit.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto and bleach are my top favorites I luuv Grimmjow ^___^
Favorite Movies: Twilight aha ha ha. I just loved that movie. It was all dark and intense. I thrive in that kind of stuff.
Favorite Music: Emo music, punk, rock and some rap (emos CAN like rap lol)
Favorite Books: Twilight Series, Vladmir Tod Chronicles, Blood and Chocolate, Naruto, Bleach and Vampire Knight (I luuv Zero)
Favorite Quotes: "Its not across the street its down the street"

Comments (70)

No spirit is broken beyond repair

It's just a matter of someone spending the time to figure out how to fix it.

Posted by lucky374h 5 years ago


Posted by deidara2008 5 years ago

And welcome to naruto central

Posted by lucky374h 5 years ago

some hip hop also like emo...! by d way,am half hip hop and half emo...! "IF YOU ARE ALONE,MAKE SURE YOUR NOT LONELY...!"

Posted by sweetbabylhyn19 5 years ago

u preppy ? gimme a break ur pure emo. 1000% indeed

Posted by costaaa 5 years ago

yeah i am one of them lol with an emo band (love "n" scars)

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 5 years ago


Posted by jazro 5 years ago

i'm not coastaa or wahtever that dude's name

Posted by godofhuman 5 years ago

hey whats shakin'? btw you are gorg!

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

yo i made a teas cup balance on my one and only finger and i got five bucks from multiple people and i came across multiple moneys MAUAhA

Posted by omni_geet 5 years ago

Hey Temo! Wut up?
Wanna cut? XD
lols jk jk

Posted by Bright_Lightz 5 years ago

Welcome to NC.

Posted by Yoko69 5 years ago

uuu pretty cute :>

Posted by Immortalmc1 5 years ago

bonjour madame, comment ca va? moi je vais bien je suis demi hollandais et demi Francais! hehe j'aime bien ton nom.. wel see i'd like to have you on my friends list, added you to my friends x

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 5 years ago

helloo there^^
wazzaaaap? xD

Posted by BleachForBrains 5 years ago

welcome to the nc. (^_^) how are ya? (:3)

Posted by GamakichiBlue 4 years ago

hey !

Posted by Modesto915 4 years ago

I wear black to show a signal of MY EXILE from normal life. I like dark. Its so bland and sad, it shows that I will not cry and that my spirit is broken beyond repair.
like this partm/.

Posted by orthodox159 4 years ago

i dont get it wat good wit all this darknesss

Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

dont worry godofhuman wont bother u ever again he gave me his profile so its mine now... Princedarkshadow

Posted by godofhuman 4 years ago

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