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Personal Information
Real Name: Alan Cheng
Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Age: 34 years old
Join Date: July 1st, 2006
Last Update: June 14th, 2009
About Datangia
About Me: Eccentric Aussie Asian Guy Enjoys the best things in life.... Staying fit and healthy Loves the good times....friends and all As long there is a party or gathering of happy go lucky its all good >_
Activities: Reading - Scif and fantasy Music - Bit eclectic at the moment Movies - Anything pretty much Parties ++++ bring on the alcoholly!!!! Gym and Taekwondo - must stay fit
Favorite TV Shows: Simpsons - Futurama Heros House Rove (Australian Version of Lettermen and those type of American talk shows)
Favorite Movies: Star Wars 1-6 Dances with Wolves Titanic (yes I do....got a prob with it??) 28 Days/Weeks Later Fast and Furious Quadrilogy Blade Trilogy 300, Troy, Sin City
Favorite Music: Classical.. RnB Hip Hop... Well pretty much anything as long it is good to listen to..
Favorite Books: Kings Buccanner Dragon King Saga Da Vinic Code, Angels & Demons Jedi Academy Trilogy Slayer Series Gaunt's Ghost Series Sun Tzu's The Art of War
Favorite Quotes: A witty saying proves nothing - Voltaire A friend is easier lost than found - Anon Time is the fire in which we burn - Soran What we do in life, echos in eternity - Maximus

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Nice cosplay

Posted by capsule56 4 years ago