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K so right off the bat i got to say that while alot of people like me, not alot are my friends. I'm type shy and dont talk much if u don't give me a push, but my true friends know i can rant if u get me going =P My name is legit Manny not Emanuel, so all you fake Mannys stop steeling my name. Its not kool, lol. I could pretty much get along with anyone so long as your smart enough to hold a decent conversation. I love music and more specifically rock. You'll always catch me with my ipod. I'm pretty nerdy when it comes to computers, anime and manga but will rock your sox off if you catch me on the paintball field, in the dirt with my dirt bike, or on the slopes carving with my snow board. I know how to have a fun time, so if you can get around my rough edges then your in for the time of your life. I hate drama but seem to be best friends with irony =( I'm that nice guy all the cute girls look over to get crushed by the asshole. My passion in life is art. One day ill influence at least one person's life with my art, that's my goal. So thats me, take it or leave it. doesnt matter to me.
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