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Personal Information
Real Name: Sergio Oliveira
Gender: Male
Country: Portugal
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: March 15th, 2009
Last Update: March 15th, 2009
About DedoDope
About Me: im preppy, surfer, model, and really outgoing i hate emos, gothic ppl and ppl near it! if u love wearing black.. do not talk to me if ur not catholic.. do not talk to me if ur normal.. i would love to have you in my friend llist :D if ur preppy.. plz send me a msg :D
Activities: Surf, bully emos
Interests: kill emos, surf, preppy girls, money, go out, night clubs, drink, fun!
Favorite TV Shows: Bum fights. die emo die
Favorite Movies: REC, KILL EMOS
Favorite Music: House

Comments (172)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhJtAF2G7kQ&fea ture=related
Check this out.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

Im not a gangster... I only have my hood up for the picture, that doesnt qualify me as a gangster. PROFILING. And im not bi, I like girls only =P

Posted by iPayne 5 years ago

lmao yeah dont judge me you dumb ass get a life and stop staying on the computer just to bully people cause its not working on me ;p

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

first of all who the fuck said i was emo? and second why do u think it bothers me that u bully emo's, it shows how sad you really are. your just some guy on the internet who thinks hes all cool cause he can bully others.

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

you dont frighten me, and you certainly dont know how to talk shit, you dont know anything about me or who i am, so until u know who i am, dont sit there and think you can make fun of me or anybody else for that matter, because in the end, your still gonna be the same peice of shit.

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

NO, I AM NOT FROM ARGENTINA!!!!!! I'm from Australia!!!!!!

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

lmao dude its not like i dont stand up for my self, and i wouldnt let you bully me, cause ur a fucking idiot and u cant talk shit at all, alls u do it threaten people, and no i dont hate my life, and i have probly alot more friends then you and for the last time im not emo, im my own person. stop labeling people u stupid peice of shit.

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

you think i care? in the end all i need is a fucking bat getting driven threw ur head

Posted by xialias 5 years ago


Posted by andreakatsuki 5 years ago

lmao get a life go get laid cause from bullying people online shows how lonley u really are

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

lol... like i said u stupid fuck... don't judge me and act like you know me, cause you don't, first of all i doubt u get any girls, secondly if u do there probably really really ugly or skanky, and i doubt you've been laid before because if you were a real goody too shoes Christan then u wouldn't have sex till marriage, and just so you know if there is a god or Satan or what ever the fuck your religion says, your going to hell big time.

Posted by xialias 5 years ago

wow u really hate emos!!

Posted by XxVSGurlxX 5 years ago

why don't you smoke your pot and leave me alone!

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

thaNkZ foR "thE" coMMenT . . .
cAn u coMMenT soME moRe . . .
i'd loVe to haVe aS maNy coMMenT as eVeryOne eLse iN thiS nAruto neTwoRk caN haVe . . .
i woNt caRe iF theY'RE meAN . . . ROFLMFAO

Posted by andreakatsuki 5 years ago

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join with the url i gave u and start off with 10 swagbucks

Posted by jzilla02 5 years ago

lmao stfu im done talking with you ive said everything i had to say, you dont deserve anymore of my lectures, like i said your still gonna end up the same peice of shit you started out to be.

Posted by xialias 5 years ago


Posted by xialias 5 years ago

nice pic

Posted by inochanalove16 5 years ago

u suck, start loving, not hating people, I'm not an EMO personally,but still, you should be more tolerant to minories, or else, u r an ulgy fuck tick of society...

Posted by Orlaske 5 years ago

hey you papist douche...I'M A PROTESTANT!!!!

Posted by Hisokasan 5 years ago

Did you have fun with that sausage fest thats in your pic? rofl!

Posted by iPayne 5 years ago

dude emos are cool!! personally im not one but all my friends are.

Posted by DoubleStuffed 5 years ago

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