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Personal Information
Real Name: Samantha Renfro
Gender: Female
Country: Japan
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: April 4th, 2009
Last Update: June 3rd, 2009
About Deideimuffin
About Me: i was born...in a hospital i am a dog lover and have a lot of friends,my frinds (these are real people these are just their nicknames mine is konan)Itachi,deidara,tobi,other tobi,fuzzy 1-9,fishy,iguana man ,barbie,debbie,hoe,c.j.,and alot more that im to lazy to name right now
Activities: I am a very lazy person so I dont really have to many activities I like to draw and unless you count sleeping to be an activity ^/_^
Interests: I love Japan and I want to got there I love watching anime and going to youtube and narutocentral I can make cakes and decorate them I want to be a cake decorator I love dogs ihave 3 dogs named sweety pie,dakota,and star sweety is an english fox hound and dakota and star are alaskan malamutes
Favorite TV Shows: I love basically every anime Naruto,full metal alchemist,sailor moon,code geass,death note,inuyasha. and alot more i also like supernatural,ghost hunters,gossip girl,icarly,wizards of waverly place,that 70s show,extreme makeover home edition,mad tv,south park,rob and big,and many more
Favorite Movies: my fav movies are the pirate of the carribean movies,the naruto movies,the inuyasha movies,twilight,and however many more i cant think of right now
Favorite Music: my fav bands are gorillaz,fall out boy,linkin park,korn,areo smith,kiss, acdc,montley crew,and evenesance ;P
Favorite Books: i love the twilight series and im on the 4th book right now.And if you count shonen jump and naruto graphic novels as books then i guess them to
Favorite Quotes: He left the name Uchiha to you and decived you all the way to the end belive it!

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