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Real Name: D Mitc
Gender: Male
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Age: 32 years old
Join Date: January 18th, 2006
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Favorite Quotes: He who like GLass without the G take out the L and that is he

Comments (9)

Dude what up finally someone from trinidad

Posted by Vikash 5 years ago

I am from Trinidad to

Posted by espada1231 5 years ago

regarding your question in the comments page, now i know what you was asking. its true they cant change their pupils like a uchiha. so what they do to prevent chakra loss they keep the sharingan covered up. or keep their eye closed. coz if the eye is closed it will not work. that is why kakashi and danzou cover their eye. and in danzou's case arm as well.

Posted by mangekyoeternal 4 years ago

look ah trini man lol

Posted by shottabake27 4 years ago

Was it you I fought with on the threads along time ago? lol

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

ur new shikamaru ava is cool
better as ur old avatar

Posted by verg 4 years ago

Your avatar...its Shishio....so you liked Kenshin huh....I thought I was the only one who has ever seen that anime !

Posted by Lord_GJ 4 years ago