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Viewed gorge158's Fan Art "hinata cosplay"

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Comments (8)

very cool COSPLAY I really like it

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

wayyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooo cute

Posted by Il-uvatar 5 years ago

Great Cosplay!!!

Posted by yrrrzvl 5 years ago

great cosplay but... is it u or your friends or something? lolzz

Posted by Mazhar_guy 5 years ago

I dont understand, is that you in the cosplay, or one of your friends?
just wonderin

Posted by naruloco 5 years ago

may i know the name of that girl please... the real name... hehehe.. she s so cute..

Posted by teeththinggalit 5 years ago

cool cosplays man fricken awesome

Posted by gfblaze582 4 years ago

is that 1 of your friends in the cosplay or did u find it on the internet ??????

Posted by gfblaze582 4 years ago