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Personal Information
Real Name: bobby bushay
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 36 years old
Join Date: August 2nd, 2009
Last Update: October 25th, 2009
About element1453
About Me: im pretty much shikamaru. i like to have fun though so im a little tobi. tobi is so cool.
Activities: reading tennis, drums
Interests: same as above. also writing magna series, i have one thats really good.
Favorite TV Shows: naruto and any comedy
Favorite Movies: lord of the rings, star wars, 21 was good
Favorite Music: techno, soft rock
Favorite Books: naruto, one piece
Favorite Quotes: frankly my dear, i don't give a damn

Comments (28)



Posted by sexyobryan 5 years ago

keep it comming dud
oh and give it more action

Posted by sexyobryan 5 years ago

holy shit bro
i love it
but dont end it there ok

Posted by sexyobryan 5 years ago

its bryson, iv been a member for a while

Posted by kingtutt13 5 years ago

its bryson, iv been a member for a while

Posted by kingtutt13 5 years ago

sasuke la...

Posted by farnie 5 years ago

i think rokudaime kill madara cause i think rokudaime suppass yondaime n jiraiya n i can feel he know the new tecnique to kill madara n sasuke. look at his hand u can see the sealed tecnique

Posted by ikkidira 5 years ago

zabuza vs kisame and neji vs sasuke

Posted by saruji 5 years ago

whoevr said rokudaime could beat yondaime and jeriyah are crazy

Posted by 3035760747 5 years ago

and who is rokudaime

Posted by 3035760747 5 years ago

ok who is rokudaime and who is yondaime? i know im commenting on my own profile but its driving me crazy not knowing who those two are

Posted by element1453 5 years ago

if u mean hokages then Minato Namikaze is the Yondaime and Danzo is the Rokudaime

Posted by jonb 5 years ago

jugo and sasuke are my favorite characters

Posted by bulletsoldr401 5 years ago

Yo? O.o are you Kingtutt?

Posted by Sk8erperson9 5 years ago

no i stole his avatar

Posted by element1453 5 years ago

people cmon talk with me?

Posted by dra-gon_xx 5 years ago

lol hello ^_^
i liked your mom poll.
for some reason my moms not into ninja/anime xP
thats a loss on her part. lmao
what about your mom? dose she like naruto?

Posted by uchiha_kitten 4 years ago

i have a new story out on this sites fanfic. its called darkness of shikamaru. its not dun yet. Check it out!

Posted by element1453 4 years ago

Shikamaru is not a criminal! He's far from it! But i do like your story. I guess i will keep on reading it...

Posted by shikamarugal22 4 years ago

FuCk To uNited sTaTes...You WanT Figt me?CoME....I Not Scare You BustEd Country..

Posted by kAkaShi_chucKy 4 years ago

hey I just read the darkness of shikamaru and well I just wanted to beg you to continue the story it can´t stop like that

mb *hugz*

Posted by faith_connors 4 years ago

i'm to lazy to finish it....

Posted by element1453 4 years ago

I just read The Darkness of Shikamaru.I must say that your style is different from the styles of others.It resembles a book more than anime or manga.I like it.However,I think you should pay more attention to Japanese concept.In the first chapter Kiba thought-Oh CRAP))) Its obvious that the real Kiba would never say or even think something like that.It almost like to combinate a family guy and Naruto.Except that everything was fine.Keep it up)

Posted by elsaka 4 years ago

wats up my bitches

Posted by element1453 4 years ago

your toad quiz sucked monkey balls

Posted by raym1102 4 years ago

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