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element1453's Polls

Question Responses
do you like the show or the books? 41
how did u find out about naruto? 103
does your mom like naruto? 64
manga vs anime 44
naruto vs luffy vs ichigo 116
kisame's fate at the end? 88
kisame vs killler bee 100
what power would make naruto the most powerful? 137
konohamaru vs madara 50
will kisame play a major role near the end? 59
kisame vs zabuza 112
kisame is the most beast. why? 31
naruto vs sasuke 66
what would b the most jacked-up thing to happen? 49
(american naruto awards) FAVORITE VILLAIN!?!?!? 55
(american naruto awards) FAVORITE JUTSU!?!?!?! 82
(american naruto awards) FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!??? 71
will kisame go shark-crazy on somebody 23
whats madra planning? 83
naruto vs ichigo 80
best water type 64
whos the best???? 72
best anime/manga 65
has naruto been gaining popularity lately? or losing it? 44
if kisame comes back to the meeting wuts he gonna do???? 52
who is danzo 83
was wat itachi did (killing his clan) the rite thing to do? 69
of all characters (dead or alive), besides naruto who shold b hokage? 118
what bugs u about naruto? 138
how would u react if everyone in naruto got turned into a cowboy 55
whos the coolest uchica? 98
whats a battle that you really want to see? 71
will naruto die??? 97
is madara the victim? 88
what the heck is kabuto up to? 73
will naruto end at the 5 kages meeting? 73
where did sasuke get his dark chakra? 133
what will happen at the end of naruto. 144
who is the best bet for future hokage? 167
who will kill madara? 145
will sasuke die? 74

Created by element1453

im pretty much shikamaru. i like to have fun though so im a little tobi. tobi is so cool.