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Personal Information
Real Name: Ryan
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: September 4th, 2007
Last Update: August 31st, 2012
About emcee123
About Me: I am a very laid back guy. Love video games so much that I got my own website gamerthought.blogspot.com
Activities: basketball
Interests: basketball, football, videogames, singing, listening to music, watch tv
Favorite TV Shows: naruto, bleach, american dad, family guy, code geass, colbert report, daily show
Favorite Movies: happy gilmore, John Q, disturbia, dark knight
Favorite Music: hip-hop, r&b, soul, a little rock
Favorite Books: dantes inferno and the invisible man

Comments (84)

what game are you thinking about doing a review for next?

Posted by Xyla 2 years ago

well good luck

Posted by Xyla 2 years ago

I'll be checking it out

Posted by kenshinsama007 2 years ago

maybe next time

Posted by Xyla 2 years ago

Hey , havent heard from ya in a while. How are things ?

and sure , i'll check it out

Posted by kenshinsama007 2 years ago

Been pretty busy for the most part with my job
but i cant complain , pays the bills lol

Can't wait for the NBA season to get started

Posted by kenshinsama007 2 years ago

to the finals ? fuck that lmao

i'll believe it when it happens xD their bench is suspect and howard returns in jan. Thats likely gonna take them out of the top 2 spots in the west who are still SAS and OKC in my book

Posted by kenshinsama007 2 years ago

Quoting emo150i love football and video games we should hang out some day

Hey cool, who's your favorite team? And you should check out newgamernation.com, I write for them and it'd be nice to have more support. Also I think there's something wrong with your comments section.

Posted by emcee123 2 years ago

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