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Personal Information
Real Name: Marcus
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 27 years old
Join Date: December 29th, 2006
Last Update: November 30th, 2008
About Emkay87
About Me: They say humans completely shed their skin every seven years, and thus their entire beings are essentially born anew. If thats true, then I, Marcus Young, who is still in my early 20's is well into my second life. I and as many other Tucsonan will tell you, like the warmth of the summer air even if it starts in early April. Guitar Hero has become my new addiction as well as Rock Band. I play at least one song a day, sometimes before the sunrise. I am currently living live one day at a time. I work at KVOA, a local T.V. station. Friends are my strong suit. I wear my heart on my sleeve and can not hide emotion worth a damn. Family is my weak suit. I need to face that but for now i coward and it seems to get me by. I personally think i am fun to be around. I can be odd at times but i can be serious if i really really try. I mask my fears with laughter! Im a very friendly guy so feel free to ask me a question.
Activities: none and i need to stop being so lazy, lol.
Interests: Videography and Friends.
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Entourage and Family Guy, and SNL
Favorite Movies: Indie films are great. Very raw in nature and usually has a very specific story to tell. If you know of a good one let me know and ill try to find a copy of it.
Favorite Music: Forgive Durden, Hollywood Undead, The Ataris, A Thorn For Every Heart, Sublime, Acceptance, LEFTOVER, Panic! At The Disco, Fallout Boy, Wakefield, Trapt, The Format, The Academy Is..., Allister, Zaratexperience, John Legend, Paramore, Hellogoodbye, Kanye West, The Spill Canvas, Kill Your Ex, Alien Ant Farm, A Change of Pace, Matchbook Romance, The Matches, +44, Forgive Durden, Lost Prophets, Yellowcard, Rufio, AAR, Vampire Weekend, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Jason Mraz, Sherwood, Crash Romeo, Teddy Geiger, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessionals, the Starting Line, Stephen Speaks, D'espairs(Japanese band), Hearts Grow( Japanese Band) The Rocket Summer, ... This list could go on forever and i intend it too, so let me know of anything you think i may find interesting
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series!, "The Real Ultimate Power" By Robert Hamburger, and "Im a Stranger Here Myself" by Bill Bryson. Sell Swords Series is becoming a fave of mine.
Favorite Quotes: "I would like to believe the best of me is something I have yet to see Because working at dead end jobs and skipping class And spending hours on my ass, just doesn’t sound like any fun to me." - Dave Melillo "There are some roads you wish you have chosen to pursue. But sometimes the choice isnt entirely yours to make. These are the instances that can often leave you hanging, hung up on the past."- Unknown

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I really liked your story
I think you should make another one that follws this one

Posted by shikamarugal22 5 years ago

I liked this one too!

Posted by shikamarugal22 5 years ago