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Written by Emkay87

They say humans completely shed their skin every seven years, and thus their entire beings are essentially born anew. If thats true, then I, Marcus Young, who is still in my early 20's is well into my second life. I and as many other Tucsonan will tell you, like the warmth of the summer air even if it starts in early April. Guitar Hero has become my new addiction as well as Rock Band. I play at least one song a day, sometimes before the sunrise. I am currently living live one day at a time. I work at KVOA, a local T.V. station. Friends are my strong suit. I wear my heart on my sleeve and can not hide emotion worth a damn. Family is my weak suit. I need to face that but for now i coward and it seems to get me by. I personally think i am fun to be around. I can be odd at times but i can be serious if i really really try. I mask my fears with laughter! Im a very friendly guy so feel free to ask me a question.