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Personal Information
Real Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: July 21st, 2010
Last Update: July 21st, 2010
About FantasySlayer91
About Me: I dont know I'm random I guess, and a Girl, and 19, and yup.
Activities: I watch Naruto Shippuden, play video games, watch movies, play sports, draw cartoons, plan trips, cake decorate, sing, and Facebook.
Interests: I play tennis, love football, and anime especially Naruto in Japanese.
Favorite TV Shows: Pokemon, Naruto, Kardashians, Parental Control, Disaster Date, and Chopped.
Favorite Movies: The Fox and The Hound, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Spirited Away, Nausica, and Princess Mononoke.
Favorite Music: All types mainly pop, hip hop, and japanese music. least rap
Favorite Books: Fear Street, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, A Child Called It, and I know why the Caged Bird Sings.
Favorite Quotes: "If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and live a loathesome life. Run away, run away, and cling to life, and then one day when you have the same eyes as me . . . then you may come before me."

Comments (11)

welcome to naruto central enjoy and ur very preety.

Posted by 1stBlackHokage 4 years ago

welcome to NC!!! ;P

Posted by Mandana 4 years ago

Welcome to NC, enjoy.

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago

hello and welcome to naruto central!

Posted by Mazhar_guy 4 years ago

Welcome to NC,hope u enjoy

Posted by Eg_Virus 4 years ago

hello and welcome to naruto central

Posted by ramla 4 years ago


Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

Hi everybody and thank you for welcoming me

Posted by FantasySlayer91 4 years ago

awesome art!!!...the lil kyubi one made me LOL, keep it up

Posted by kornelious2010 4 years ago

welcome to NC, have fun. n um.. hm...oh n say no to drugs its bad lol.

Posted by sasuke00chidori 4 years ago

Thank you very much ... there has been far to many hate critics rating the life out of my first art piece here and at last I have genuine compliment . I'll have something else up this weekend-- hopefully lol.

Posted by shinobiGTR 4 years ago