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Personal Information
Real Name: wes seals
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 25 years old
Join Date: January 9th, 2009
Last Update: January 25th, 2009
About firestarter8899
About Me: pretty much everything you need to know about me is all in my interests and stuff so if you wanna know anything else just message me!!!!!! i like to get to know people so i need you to message me...really
Activities: ultimate frisbee, x-box 360, reading, watching anime, yoga, and eating ramen!!!!!
Interests: im interested in chinese food, being naked, seeking revenge on my brother who killed my entire family, college football, professional ping-pong, women,....the list goes on and on!!
Favorite TV Shows: well the only tv show i like other than anime is House. its amaaaaaaaaazing
Favorite Music: anything screamo\metal. underoath, devil wears prada, escape the fate, august burns red, blessthefall, i am terrified, scary kids scaring kids, fall out boy (i know they aren't metal, lol), red jumpsuit apparatus, yeah, you get the picture, heh
Favorite Books: harry potter series, chronicles of narnia, lord of the rings, and the twilight saga which was very good.

Comments (6)

ok, 1st

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

Hello, how are you?

Posted by Shadow-of-Death 5 years ago

lol thanx

Posted by glenduka 5 years ago

Welcome TO NC !

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

hehe i luv anime and house to! lolz hes (house i mean) is an ass, and sarchastic, my kinda show

Posted by titanz91 5 years ago

hi ya

Posted by deathcat 4 years ago