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Personal Information
Real Name: flynn bryce
Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: December 21st, 2008
Last Update: February 8th, 2009
About flynntheextremist
About Me: Well if you live in australia near melbourne email me, because iam going to university to be a chiropractor! Also spy girl paigy is awsum!!
Activities: Well mainly martial arts, athletics,watching tv, reading anime, sleeping going to university or school , and eating!! lol
Interests: I love learning newthings, And love naruto also iam a big zombie movie fan!
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, naruto, bleach, southpark , family guy!
Favorite Movies: Any zombie movies such as dawn of the dead, house of the dead 2, 28 weeks later, 28 days later, doom, dead meat,diary of the dead, shawn of the dead, etc!!
Favorite Music: Heavy ,techno, lady gaga ,slipnot, ramstein theres more but too lazy to type it all down!
Favorite Books: Meh
Favorite Quotes: Iam asian so what?

Comments (36)

Filipino? No, not at all XD I speak Italian, Japanese, obviously English, and barely Spanish ;

Posted by XxBlackChaosxX 5 years ago

ur welcome n nm u?

Posted by AnastasiaTasha 5 years ago

i'm good

Posted by deidaralover34567 5 years ago

Sorry for slow replies too. My computer hasn't been working so the only place I can go on is in Tech class at school and I am usually doing work. I am affraiad of the chat sites too, my friend usually gets flashed on those things! D= I would laugh if you were my teacher really, and I thought that was funny. =P I havn't been keeping up to date too much on manga because of my computer, but from what I hear, its pretty bad. I don't think he will die without becoming Hokage though for sure. xD

Posted by Cwisotoe 5 years ago

True its really not meant for chat. =P My MSN is on my profile I am pretty sure, you can add me and we can chat on there instead? =P Thats if you want. x3

Posted by Cwisotoe 5 years ago

hey wats up?
is that realy u in the pic? looks a bit like L from death note...which is a gd thing btw lol

Posted by gohan526 5 years ago

oh its ok im good n u??

Posted by AnastasiaTasha 5 years ago

love the hair

Posted by Mayah-chan 5 years ago

oh cool, im alright thanx and u?

Posted by gohan526 5 years ago

Hello... :-D

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

That makes sense. Maybe you're right!

Posted by XxBlackChaosxX 5 years ago

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