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Created by fred8885

im a cool guy and love to meet new people. I am very good at most video games that i play. I personally dont know anyone who can beat me at the naruto clash of ninja games. I find it difficult to choose favorites so i always play as random. I strongly dislike shooting games. I am very interested in the paranormal and have had some experiences. Feel free to tell me some of your experiences. Some characters in naruto that i really like are: Neji, Iruka, Kidomaru, Anko, Guy, and Gaara. My least favorite are: Choji, Sasuke, Kabuto, Killer Bee, Kankuro, and Itachi. I am honest with my friends and we talk about everything. If you want to be my friend all you gotta do is ask. I love doing charity work. Im not religious but i just like to help others.