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Personal Information
Real Name: M.Ghazan
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: April 17th, 2010
Last Update: June 23rd, 2010
About gazz_93
About Me: well im me , myself and i ;D ...........i stand 6.1, have brown eyes and brown hair, im truthful and never break a promise! i love hangin out with ma frnds! and i love to train animals......i have two german shepherd dogs :) and i love to swim!!! and ofcourse i am a naruto, bleach and one piece freak!!! im constantly waiting for the new manga chapter to be released!! :D i want to become a reknowned Cardiologist!! its my dream to become a doctor :) im a Pre-Med student and am hoping to become a doctor like everybody in my family!! xD
Activities: Vollyball, Basketball, Table tennis, Swimming, Cycling, Badminton, Tennis, Traveling, Taking photos of anything that interests me :),reading books , playing games on my PSP, Listening to music 24/7 :) and making new friends :D
Interests: well um i love animals and love to train them! i love swimming!!!!!!!! and reading and watching Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Vampire Knight and Fairy Tail manga and anime!!! :D
Favorite TV Shows: Whoes line is it anyway, Fawlty Towers, keeping up appearences, all of BBC food channel :D, House MD, Scrubs, CSI, HEROES,Suite life of zack and cody, suite life on deck, hannah montanna, sonny with a chance, Lost, wizards of waverly place, worlds most amazing videos,fifa world cup, ICC cricket world cup, Olympics,Death note, Code Geas, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, FairyTail, Vampire Knights, Vampire Diaries, FullMetal Alchemist, kris Angel Plus LOTS MORE!!!! :)
Favorite Movies: TOOOOO MANY!!!! But mostly i prefer the adventrous, scary, comedy, sci-fi and anime movies(like naruto and bleach movies) :D
Favorite Music: I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE MUSIC!!!! Cant live without it!! some of my fav bands and artists are: Backstreet boys, westlife, Nsync, Linkin park, Abba, Neil Diamond, Phill Collins, Eminem, Akon, Breaking Benjamin, Bon Jovi, 3 Days Grace, Cold Play, Black Eyed Peas, Creed, David Cook, Kriss Alen, Evanessance, Green Day,Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Fleurs Du Mal, Vital Signs, Slipknot, Ricky Martin ,Nick Lachey, Baha Men, yanni, Junoon, Kesha, Kristina Debarge, Plain White T's, Paramore, DJ NOUGAT, AC/DC, Shakira, Oasis, F.R.David, U2, Enrique Iglesias AND LOTS MORE!!!! :)
Favorite Books: BOOKS???? I LOVE BOOKS!!! listening to music while readind a book is one of my hobby!!! and i got too many favs and cant fit em here...some are : The Harry Potter series, Lord of The Ring triology(plus the Hobbit), The Bartimues Trilogy, Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, all of Enid Blytons books!, Dastan-e-Ameer Hamza, Tilsamay Hosh Ruba, Jasuse Dunya by Ibne-Safi, Imran Series by Ibne-Safi, all of Sheikh Sadies, and much more :D but ofcourse i read the manga volumes!! i have all the manga volumes of naruto with me plus the offical fan book and art book!!!
Favorite Quotes: jo kuch nahe kartay, wo kamal kartay hain!! :D rofl A Bird in hand.....will probably leave "do do" on your palm!!!! :D BREAKING A HEART IS EASY.....BUT MENDING IT......??

Comments (169)

thanks dude....!

Posted by sakthicon 4 years ago

hey =] thanks for the welcome

Posted by neonSCREAM 4 years ago

Jo, how are you doing? I sent you a PM, read it!

Posted by Bullet2YaHead 4 years ago

Thanks :3

Posted by DivineOverlord 4 years ago

yo whats up dude

Posted by peektoo 4 years ago

hey man how is it going

Posted by peektoo 4 years ago

so hows konoha? lol

Posted by eintwoseven 4 years ago

i am fine thanks

Posted by peektoo 4 years ago

Hey thx 4 the Welcome =)

Posted by WorldRumor 4 years ago

Hey dude, theres a new Naruto Ninja Storm coming out in fall 2010. Wooooooh!!

Posted by WorldRumor 4 years ago

hey wats up man??? how r u???? i miss u man. So, whats goin on????? long time no talk

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

BITCH WHO U CALLEN BITCH U @^#&*@%$# &#^&@^$*@ AND *^&$*^@(&%$*( PLUS !&%#^&$*@$#%^!*^ LMFAOOOOOO BEAT THAT LOL JK!

Posted by mangaholic123 4 years ago

lmao Aww man thx lolz and no im not updated with the chapters. Im watching naruto episodes. Internet connection is better here.

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

haha thanks for the welcome... ive actually been around here for a while just never signed up lmao.. like almost a year i think xDDDD... im stilll gettin the hang of this though haha... but ya nice to meet u... if u wana talk u can hit me up on my fb link on my page.

Posted by MazDes 4 years ago

incorrect Konoha under construction, all dusted "_"

Posted by eintwoseven 4 years ago


Posted by mangaholic123 4 years ago

ur welcome dude.

Posted by WorldRumor 4 years ago

hi im new here

Posted by adelmo 4 years ago

ur arround?

Posted by eintwoseven 3 years ago

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