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Personal Information
Real Name: Mikayla Boyd
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: October 25th, 2009
Last Update: May 31st, 2010
About GinDivision
About Me: I was born in the usa pennsylvannia, i lived there for 4 years of my life, then i moved to las vegas i grew up there i lived there for seven years i am a very sporty person i used to play soccer, i have moved once angain, go figure, now i live in tennessee and im in track and feild now, i am joining soccer once more again next year :) another thing about me is i love to draw manga i will stay up for hours with a scetch book and a pecil in my hand. I go to white house heritage and liveing life to the fullest!
Activities: Drawing, hanging out with friends, just haveing fun living life :P
Favorite TV Shows: Bleach!!!!(of corse :P) Naruto, death note, inyuasha, full metal alchemist and a LOT more! :)
Favorite Movies: anime, horror, action, comedy, ect.
Favorite Music: Korn,Drowning Pool,SlipKnot,Maroon 5, bullet for my valintine, mcr, three days grace, linkin park, fall out boy, owl city, papa roach, evenessences, paramore, green day, emogen heap, 30 seconds to mars, 3 doors dow, nickle back, blue october, within temptation&
Favorite Books: manga, vampire kisses, hunger games not a big reader.

Comments (20)

Love your pic, its your good side huh? lol

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago


Posted by kimimarokaguyafan01 4 years ago

hey.....have fun here...

Posted by jutsukun 4 years ago


Posted by babii_karei 4 years ago

nice fan art.. :)

Posted by akanbou 4 years ago

helo girl welcome to NC ...

Posted by jackmax 4 years ago

good choice joining NC. Enjoy ..

Posted by mangekyoeternal 4 years ago

Hello.. sihat?

Posted by trojan012 4 years ago

kmusta? Salamat sa pag-sali d2.. hehehe.. Welcome pre..

Posted by geolanz 4 years ago

hi, welcome....

Posted by NumberListFive 4 years ago

hello and welcome to NC =D hope ya have fun ;-)

Posted by kazuza 4 years ago

welcome to NC ^-^

Posted by Lumina-16 4 years ago

"13"!!! don't look it welcome

Posted by gongaseta 4 years ago

HeYy, Welcome to NC... BTW, Names Rhianna...

Posted by fighter-of-life 4 years ago

if you want an invite to lockerz pm

Posted by jzilla02 4 years ago

nice pict you have

Posted by syah_rul2207 4 years ago

Thank you evr1

Posted by GinDivision 4 years ago

if you have any problem, i can be your doctor.

Posted by syah_rul2207 4 years ago

Uhm.. hi you might wanna edit ur page it's has those annoying words =) How are ya? and where are you from?

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

Oh hehe thx i know. i havent really took my time to fix it yet....
Im good from the u.s.a. :)
How bout you?

Posted by GinDivision 4 years ago