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Real Name: Vandit Desai
Gender: Male
Country: India
Age: 28 years old
Join Date: December 8th, 2009
Last Update: July 7th, 2011
About hashirama9
About Me: I am electronics & telecomm engineer, I also develop websites,softwares.
Interests: watching football(soccer),watching mysterious things,computer,internet & learning history,reading motivational biographies,playing chess
Favorite TV Shows: The o.c,naruto,detective school q,dragonball z,avatar the last air bender
Favorite Movies: all harry potter movies,love actually,hindi movies,jerry maguire,saturday night fever,etc
Favorite Music: beegees,george michael,take on me by aha & trance type music
Favorite Books: harry potter,biograph of sir richard brenson
Favorite Quotes: Jerry Maguire: I love you. You... you complete me. And I just... i lke itachi's dialogues

Comments (14)

Quotesuper saiyan 3 mode

that was funny haha .

Posted by MhmDzL 4 years ago

the manga's late this week , but i didnt read a spoiler before i just wait for the manga at manga stream site they r so fast .

Posted by MhmDzL 4 years ago

thanks! haven't updated it in a while though.. i keep saying that i will.. but i get too busy..LOL

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

yes..i totally see the resemblance bet the two stories as well

and altho i wanted harry to end up with hermione (somewhat heroine).. i DONT want naruto to end up with Sakura.. hahaha! bec 1. she's not a heroine.. not even close.. 2. she has underestimated naruto for the longest time (what sane guy would be attracted to that? only demented ones! LOL) and 3. it'll be the death of konoha if they're to produce loud, cocky babies with miles of forehead and pink hair.. LOLz..

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

and i keep on saying this.. if kishi would go that road in the end.. i wish sasuke to turn a leaf.. and end up with hinata.. to produce highly skilled byakugan+sharingan limit babies!

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

im not that harsh,if and IF sakura manages to survive this...then she can lead a peaceful life with lee or chouji.. hahahaha!

and really.. i just want Shikamaru to end up with Temari in canon! x]

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

my advice to majority of my students is to watch plenty of american or british films. english is not my native tongue as well.. kind of a surprise when i shifted to teaching..LOL.. so if i can do it.. anyone can, i always say! gambatte!

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

studying it from a website or book is ok.. but it'll get old and boring to tell the truth.. so why not do it for the heck of enjoying. .watch a film or two. x]

when i was studying japanese way back.. that's when i got hooked to naruto..my brother would disable the subtitle sometimes and ask me if i understood whatever it is they're talking about.. and i easily adapted the accent that way..

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

and honestly.. never really like Tenten..because Temari can whip he ass anytime of anyday..regardless of her weaponry skills or precision, teehee!

kishi can just go burn his manga if he thinks there's no chemistry at all going on between shikamaru and temari.. well, i guess goes to show how demented he is these days, wanting to portray sakura as a heroine for cryin' out loud! o.O

Posted by bella1025 4 years ago

thanx for the add mate!

Posted by degenetron 4 years ago

tx 4 the Request! hang in there! u will make him proud

Posted by cat-man-do 4 years ago

tnx 4 d add, and yes, I can see u like hp 2!that's cool!

Posted by MikaSado88 4 years ago

Thank you! =)

Posted by fantasyx0 4 years ago