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Real Name: HimeChan
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 31 years old
Join Date: December 18th, 2008
Last Update: June 10th, 2011
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Favorite TV Shows: Naruto Shippuden, Bleach
Favorite Quotes: "Bankai"

Comments (1,136)

ooh really cool,can u mail dat game to me after u finish it!!!!!!
U see i only get to buy PS3 games once in a while,i buyed Uncharted in place of Assassins Creed!

Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

AMY!!!! how are you? been sometime since we chat ^.^ btw uhm.. what happend to ur page? i remember it to be more flash and stuff ;o?

Posted by lance2b 4 years ago

hmmm ok that's a bit of a shame you should hook it up
when you do send me youre gamertag ok?

anywayz what's happen to youre page? XOXOX

Posted by lee83 4 years ago

What happened to your page

Posted by aki14bobo 4 years ago

hello Amy-chan!! :3 just came to say Hello...but what happened to ur page? :/

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago

btw how do you thing sasukes revenge against danzo will go?? do u think he will be able to kill danzo??
sasuke uses sasanoo too much

Posted by me_or 4 years ago

you really are a fan of the no. 3 espada princess chan.

Posted by sandy123 4 years ago

Just bought Kingdom Hospital series from amazon with a few other quirks. I forgot how much of a fun little drama this one is. Had to share with some king fan, not many people probably still watching this damn thing.

Posted by gomuae 4 years ago

what do u think about sasuke's completed susanoo??

Posted by whymee 4 years ago

Has anyone heard from Amy since her site went down. If yes plz let me know tx.

Posted by cat-man-do 4 years ago

hey sweety what´s up how´s it going I´m sry I wasn´t online for quite a while now,... and especially what´s happening on desperate houswives I mean your about one episode ahead (man sometimes germany does suck pretty hard) luv ya hope you had a nice new year kisses

Posted by faith_connors 4 years ago

hime.... where are u???
anyway.... we all hope that u r alright!
sending u all my love sweetheart <3

Posted by Janin 4 years ago

WHERE ARE YOU HIMECHAN!!!!!!???????? =(

Posted by aki14bobo 4 years ago

come back 2 us! u are missed (sp)

Posted by cat-man-do 4 years ago

Wha.... what happened?! where are chuuuuu?!!!! T.T

Posted by Temaricutie 4 years ago

anyone knows where she is?? or have a way to talk to her?? if someone does know message me please.. thanx

Posted by gohan526 4 years ago

Are you back yet?

Posted by aki14bobo 4 years ago

amy-san...!! are u back already...?? u_u I hope u're doing well!! we miss u over here u_u

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago

what the hell happen to u??????????????????

Posted by omar86100 4 years ago

OH WOW!!! HIMECHAN! (AKA AMY) Where how in the hell are you? havent heard from you in long time. Seems i dont have you here nor myspace now, so now where do you hang at? Dont be a stranger, keep in touch my darling.

Posted by Modesto915 4 years ago

hey its been a while! :( how are you? I Missed you x

Posted by Unowenx 4 years ago

schools great haha its warm here now which is saying something! It's usually rain, snow and wind here

Posted by Unowenx 4 years ago

Thanks for the add

Posted by nisa10 4 years ago

haha I missed that xDD
so how's ur week?? and my last question... *drum rolls, please*
did u read the manga?! xDDDD I can't wait till the next chapter is released!!

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago

how are you today? x

Posted by Unowenx 4 years ago